MEXICO trip -94!

Friday morning MARCH 13

We're getting ready to go to MEXICO. We are planing to drive down to EL Paso Texas and walk over Pedestrian bridge to Ciudad Juarez. Then we we are going to take a train to ZACATECAS.

It was a nice train ride over to Zacatecas although we had an encounter with a guy that had cut his hand open on the train and was going around asking for a cigarette. I called him the bloody night singer. We had brought a book "Mexico 94 on 45$ a day." It was supposed to tell us the best places to eat and sleep and what to see. We stopped to look at the book to see which hotel we should get. We got the Hotel Contesa. It was a nice room that gave all the basics, fairly warm water day and night. We didn´t do much in Zacatecas although we did see a couple of statues. One is called the STATUE OF INDEPENDENCE. This was a statue of an angel with wings probably two times my height. It also had broken chains around its wrists. We left Zacatecas on a bus.

We were on our way to Guadalajara. We arrived around 4:30 am. We had to walk around until dawn to find a good hotel to stay in. we finally found a good hotel to stay in it was called Hotel Mexico 70. It was a very nice room. I got my own bed. We also got a small balcony. The next day we went over to the Mercado we got some fruit and then left. We went back to the hotel room. The same day, we got a train over to Mazatlan.

They had a beach in Mazatlan. The first thing we did was get a taxi over to the hotel Santa Barbara. Like most of the hotels that we have gotten it was a nice room although I think that the hotel lady upped the price on our room. Our room had towel like covers on the beds and tiled floors. After we had settled down, we went out on the beach and ran around. We got very wet from running around. Even though we were soaking wet we took the bus back to the hotel and fell asleep. The next day, we went swimming on the beach.

The same day we left the hotel that we were in to see if we could find a better deal and we found it at a place called hotel Acuario. This hotel was better than all the rest. It had a swimming pool and our balcony had a beautiful view of the ocean. It was around 6:00 when we went out to swim and we had a good time. The next day, we went over to the Mercado and got a lot of bread. That day we left Mazatlan on bus over to Los Mochis.

After getting there we walked over to the train station. Since we didn´t want to sleep on the train station floor and the ticket window was closed and we didn´t want to walk back to town; so we slept in an old caboose. It was a new experience for me. The caboose had mats to sleep on and it was warm. The way we got in is by the top window. There was a ladder to get up on. My dad's girl friend went in first and then my brother and then me and then my dad. It was 4:45 in the morning when we got up.

Then we went over to the train station to get our tickets. There was a little bit of a line when we got there but it didn´t take us long to get our tickets. We got on our train to CHIHUAHUA at around 6:00. It was a nice train ride. When we got a really nice hotel to stay in, it was called Hotel Reforma. The hotel that we stayed in looked like a castle it had an X for a stair case. It had a big shield.

The next day got a bus up to Ciudad Jaurez. From there we walked over pedestrian bridge to El Paso and got our car out and went to Las Cruses to get gas and pizza and then to home.

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