the dragons glory

an unfinished story written by
Latham E. Piper

Chapter One

his story is about a boy that worked for a shepherd, but had a very weird job. See this boy didn't look after sheep like you might expect him to, but did the exploring for the shepherd because the shepherd had been paralyzed after being bitten by a snake and couldn't walk. He went to the woods for him. He also went to town to get food for him and water from the spring and other essential items to live. After many years of nursing the poor shepherd he finally died of old age. The boy buried him in the field where he liked to graze his sheep. It was very sad for the boy for he loved this man very much. The shepherd was like a father to the boy even though he was adopted by him.
The boy's mother abandoned him when he was young and his father died by a deadly disease that you get from rusted nails. Before his father died he gave the boy an omen that would protect him against evil people and creatures.

The boy continued to live in the house on bread, water and fish with only a small fire to cook on. The boy thought to himself "boy this is really hard living, lonely too." One day the boy was out catching fish in the spring where he got his water from, and he saw a cave. The boy had heard about caves in the mountains but those were very far away. Some said that those caves had sleeping dragons in them and if anybody went in there they would never come out. Of course the boy did not believe that and just ignored it whenever he heard the town people talking about it. But he couldn't help thinking about the tales every now and then.

After he had gotten enough fish for supper he started home but when he turned to leave he thought he saw some eyes peer at him from out of the cave. Well, this frightened him very much and he thought about running from where he stood yet there was something friendly about the eyes for they were curious eyes, not mean. The boy decided to try to get this creature out of its home. So, he got one of his fish from his pail and tossed it over to the entrance of the cave. Almost immediately, the creature jumped out of the cave, knocked the boy down and started wagging its long curvy tail.

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Chapter Two

It took the boy a little while to recover from the shock of being knocked over like a rag doll. When he opened his eyes to look around he couldn't see anything but pitch dark. He sat up and felt dizzy. He realized that he was in a cave. A moist cave that he had never been in before. He stood up in front of a wall that he could not see. He walked clumsily straight into the wall he could not see. He tried to find a way out of the dark and damp cave, but found no obvious way. So he walked farther into the mysterious cave of surprises. After exploring the cave, using the little light from a crack in the roof of the cave, he walked about twenty feet into the cave when he thought that he heard a soft humming. Almost a musical sound. He started to follow the noise but noticed that he wasn't in the cave alone. There was about a half dozen beady eyes looking hard at him. It felt like the eyes were looking through him. The boy wanted to run but he couldn't. His legs were frozen with fear.

Finally he got his legs to move. He ran out of the cave with terror! He stopped to take a breath when he heard foot steps behind him he turned around to find a tiny little dragon behind him. He knew he had to take it home. So that is what he did. He picked up the dragon in his arms and left for home. The days after that where pretty unusual. The dragon could eat more than the boy could catch and the dragon just grew bigger and bigger. The only time that the dragon wasn't with the boy was when the boy was in town or the dragon was with his pack going to Ireland to feast on some cattle and a couple of men. It took about a month to get back from this event.

One time when the dragon was gone with his pack the boy noticed that his dragon didn't have a name so he started to think of names. The boy thought about what seemed like millions of names and one came up that he particularly liked, Norqis. When the dragon came back, the boy told the dragon what he had thought of for a name, and the dragon agreed.

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Chapter Three

One day the boy went to town to get some milk and cheese and when he got back he couldn't find Norqis anywhere. He kept on calling Norqis, Norqis, but couldn't find him. The boy decided to go to the cave to see if the dragon had gone back to look for his mom but didn't find him. The boy decided to wait to see if he had gone of on a journey to look for her. The boy thought that maybe the wizard of the mountain could help him find his dragon. From what he heard in town front the boy knew that the wizard didn't like visitors and might not give him the help that he needed. The boy got ready to go on his journey

The wizard lived high in the mountains where the dragons of Varia lived. Varia is a place of hate and anger so the people and creatures of Varia are very mean and eat or kill anyone that they think is posing a serious threat to them. But the boy remembered an omen that his father gave him before he had died. His father had said that "any time that you think you're in trouble this omen will protect you" So he set of on his trip to the mountains. The wizard lives in a black castle in an opening on the top of the mountain were it is always dark. When the boy was almost half way up the mountain he started feeling tired and exhausted and took a nap. When he woke up, he saw a big wolf looking at him. The boy took his omen that he wore held it in the direction of the wolf. The wolf fled in a stamped of angry rage and fear.

The boy was glad about the fact that the omen worked. After a while walking, the boy felt hungry and sat down to eat. When he was eating he looked up to see how much farther he had to go and he saw the biggest wall he had ever seen. Instantly he knew that this was the wall of the great wizard's castle and the boy felt very scared to go in because he thought that the wizard was going to turn him into a frog or something evil like that but he knew that this wizard had to help him or else he wouldn't find Norqis. He went around to the front gate, but when he got to what looked like the front he didn't see any kind of entrance at all, so he kept on looking for an entrance. After a while of looking, he got tired and started to lean on one of the walls, but when he went to lean on the walls of the castle he fell through.

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Chapter Four

When he got up he felt quite dizzy but there was something strange about the room, it was very dark and misty like a very thick fog. He wandered deeper into the fog and darkness until he saw some light but only a very thin streak of it, but he still went on. As he went nearer to the light he could hear the clinking of glasses but there was something very strange. Laughter and very very deep voices and as the people talked on he heard the name, the dragons name "Norqis." He decided to go through the door and as he did there was a large hush over everyone. As he emerged from the door he said that he was a friend of Norqus and everybody did not believe him. They told him to prove it and as they were about to take him away because they did not believe what he saw the wizard and Norqis. The boy cried "Norqis" and the guards stopped taking him away as the wizard told them to put him down immediately or he would banish them to the under world. Well the guards put him down just as the master wizard had ordered them to. The boy rubbed his arms from the strong and tight grasp of the two men and ran over to Norqis and hugged him, but his arms could not fit around him.

The boy had missed Norqis very very much and came to tears when Norqis said that a Drak dragon had challenged him and all the wizard's men to a brawl to the death and the one that won was ruler of the other and all the other's land. The boy said "why don't we just back out" but the dragon explained to him that it was something that the only way that you could back out is to surrender all the land and give my life to the Drak. The boy realized that there was no way to get out of this but to fight the Drak, he started thinking of ways that he could get at the Drak's castle. The boy had been laboring over plans for the attack and the only problem was that the castle was in southern Europe and they were in Wales. The Wizard's men started working on a boat to cross the body of water that separated them from the dragon's world. A few weeks had gone by and the wizard's men had not yet finished the boat. They were running low on material. They then started to think of another way to get across the water if they did not finish the boat. They ended up finishing the boat in enough time to be able to make it to the land in which the Drak had said to meet.When they were crossing the sea they spotted another ship.

As their ship was approaching the one that had just come into view they were able to see a flag that had the symbol of the Drak! The Wizard had called every one to their battle places and to prepare to fight but as they got closer they noticed that the men on board the ship were not armed and did not look at all like the Drak's men and yet they were on a boat of the Drak. As the two ships came in to yelling distance, the men on the ship started waving their arms in the air and seemed very happy to see the other ship. As the men got on board the solders took them to see the wizard. When they got to the wizard he recognized them immediately and told the soldiers to prepare food and drinks for them. When the refugees were going to the place that the men ate, the boy noticed a girl who was a totally beautiful girl and it was love at first site, well at least for the boy. The men turned out to be a brigade crew that was over thrown and captured by the Drak. The Drak ate over half of their crew and they were the only survivors. The wizard asked if they could help fight the Drak and the men more than agreed to help. They even said they would lead the attack if the wizard let them but the wizard thought they should be in the middle of the brigade.

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Chapter Five

The boy was about 15 at this time and he was trying to be good friends with the girl but the girl was to busy trying to catch a sea serpent. In the next few days the boy was at least able to get the girl's name, Laya. When the boy was asked his name by the girl he said that he said that he didn't have one so he and the girl started thinking of one, and they came up with Arthur.

When Arthur told the name to the men, and the wizard {not to mention Norqis}, they all agreed that it was a good name. The next day, Arthur awoke to find all the men in gear and with swords drawn. When Arthur looked over the side of the boat he saw a vast army with a thousand men at least. As he looked at the army he heard someone call out "it's King Arthur" and all the men went down on their knees and started to bow at Arthur. Arthur called to the wizard who was standing on the plank of the ship and Arthur said "who's King..." and that is when he realized what name Laya had given him. Later that day he went to Laya's room and asked how the soldiers had found out his name and why the soldiers had bowed to him and... Laya then interrupted him and only said "Arthur you know so little and yet you mean so much" and she left it at that. Arthur stayed in his room thinking about what had just happened to him in the past day and felt at a loss with his true origin and decided to consult with the wizard.

Arthur was almost at the wizard's door but then he realized he had never really talked to Norqis about where he had come from and why he had followed him home so many years ago, and why he never talked to him like he did that day that Arthur scaled the mountain, when he was known just by the petty name of the boy. When Arthur got to the dragon's room the men were gathered around Norqis, as Norqis told great tales that he was forbidden to tell until he was on his finally journey. Arthur then left wondering what that finally journey was about. Then at that moment it hit him, like a rock from the heavens, they weren't really here to fight this great Drak of dragonland, they weren't really going to fight the great battle he had been preparing for, no not at all. None of the men were really trained to slay a dragon. If they were, they would have not taken any chances with him at the castle, if they were real dragon slayers they would know that a evil dragon, the only one that men slayed at that time, can take any shape they want to. If they were real dragon slayers, they would have just sliced him to his knees were he stood as soon as they saw him. Arthur knew then that this was all a fraud and that there was no dragon land. Arthur ran back to his room to sleep for the night. He would deal with this tomorrow.

Chapter Six

The next day Arthur went to the wizard's room and Norquis was there.

Unfortunately, Latham died before he could finish this story... One more loss to tally.

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