Milwaukee or bust In a very cold month of December a young man named Latham piper of Grand Rapids Michigan set out for a journey he'll never forget. This is his story.I set out for a long hike to the shore of Lake Michigan. I packed a knife, food, an inflatable raft, flashlight, tent, clothes, portable TV, and a sleeping bag. I was all ready for my trip. Two in the morning and on my way. I've gotten to the shore of Lake Michigan. I had been on the lake for two hours and it became night. Then a storm came up and almost made my raft flip, so I had to take all my stuff that I brought and moved to the center for balance. When I got to the other shore I took my raft up on to the shore and set camp. The next morning I noticed that I landed right next to a very dense forest. That day I explored the forest and found a way through. When I got to the city I asked if somebody could give me a lift back to camp. I got a lot of turn downs but I finally got a nice lady to take me back to camp. When we got back to camp I packed up all my stuff and left to the city and got an apartment. The next day, I decided to publish an article on my unbelievable imaginary trip.

the end

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