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Handcuffed in Otero County (1985)

I've long been an outspoken advocate of the re-legalization of cannabis in all its forms. I consider myself a victim and repeated causualty of the drug war. Marijuana (hey now, I lived in New Mexico) / Hemp has been a very important part of my life, more at times than I would like. This is because I can not ignore the hypocrisy of the current policies of prohibition . As a responsible person, the lies and distortions about the dangers of "drugs," and particularly marijuana, have upset me since I first became aware of them. The work of confronting the oppression and slander of the promulgators of political goals that are based on a basic distrust of the American people, is ongoing.

Even more importantly, I've recognized the interaction between consciousness and plants is long evolving. Herb has granted me a strength and serenity that allows me to confront the very nature of the reality that is being haphazardly created around us. The lack of respect, for the very source of the matter we manipulate, is a major weakness of our society. The people I know that partake of the Herb, are for the most part, less strenuous on their surroundings than people that choose a great many other forms of re-creation. Herb's not the only path to a more harmonius interaction with the joys of living, it has been mine.

We have become an oil dependent culture, and oil is a limited resource. Biomass offers a means of harvesting energy using agricultural practices that are applicable across cultures, and geographies. We need to be open to embracing tried and true sources of fuel, fibre and food, particularly hemp.

Cannabis' medical value as a mild analgesic, appetite stimulant and relaxant, are without question valuable for many. That real people are denied access to a simple plant that can offer relief, is indeed inhumane.

As I wrote earlier, I feel obligated to address these issues and share my version of "the Truth."
A strange obsession ;-)
Therefore this page is a extension of that work.

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