Piper Family Pictures

These are family photos, placed here primarily for our benefit, so that wherever any of us are, we can come here to see him, and smile.

Our first picture of Latham being held by his sister Helaina.
All three kids shortly after Latham's birth

This is a picture of Latham at about three years old.
This is Latham at the Dead in Telluride.

Latham at the Jemez Soda Dam.

Here he is at the Wild River Fest, Taos. ('88)
The kids after Christmas, 1988
Helaina, Rigel and Latham at the ball game, (90).
Latham, Rigel and Carlin, on top of the pass above Telluride.
Carlin, Rigel, Latham and I.

All of us at the front of Carlsbad Caverns
Latham, Hanging out in Mexico, 1995.
This was taken in front of our house in Albq.

My Last Picture of Latham, with his brother Rigel. I had just woke them up at the Rainbow Gathering, two days before Latham's death, and Rigel's heroic effort.

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