-Smoke Pot in Public-

I recognize the fact that the struggle for marijuana relegalization is a WAR, that has been forced upon us. I also recognize the heritage and message of peacefulness that is the gift of the Herb- Praise Jah! Will we win this war by breaking down the doors of the homes of DEA agents? Will we win this War by being the same lying, back stabbing in the name of JUST US, snake-in-the-grass, hypocritical slime that are undercover agents? Or as cowards, hiding in our closets, lying to our family and friends? What is this War? How can we win?

Ultimately we need to recognize that this is a war of liberation, it is out of this movement that the argument for the re-industrialization of Hemp came. If we are to grow, and be more rightous than our oppresors, we must be honest with ourselves. It is already a blatent fear of the regulators, that Hemp activists have marijuana legalization as their secret goal. Let us be clear that this is no secret. And while every citizen can be rightous in their support of hemp as a natural birthright of citizens of this nation, it falls upon all of us to recognize the levels of persecution and pain that continue to be perpetrated in the name of this War, against folks trading for smoking herb, not hemp.

We that smoke the herb, need the support of nonsmokers, just as blacks need the support of rightous citizens of all races in their ongoing civil rights battle. But who is the stereotypical marijuana smoker? The American People have been given quite a negative view of anyone that has anything to do with intoxication.

Our oppresors have been successful in creating a stereotype that is close enough to being true sometimes, and that attacks some of the very basic flaws many of us deal with within ourselves, that most marijuana consumers almost seem to be embarresed to admit they do. These are typical dynamics faced by any closeted person. We must address this reality.

We must each of us ask ourselves why we "get high", what does the herb do for us? Why do face this risk, this oppresion? In the asking will come focus, and if it's because you like the way you feel, then so be it, that is your RIGHT to like to feel that way. Let us be clear about what we are fighting for, because we are in a WAR, ignoring it doesn't diminish its Meatgrinder effects. We need to take the incentive out of this war, we need to be seen as sons and daughters, as productive free thinking citizens. You as a person that uses cannabis need to be strong enough with yourself to be honest with those you know.

Until we have enough real folks that are willing to face the front line of this War, indeed even create one, our oppresors will continue to whittle away at us from underneath, the sides, and within. Expecting the change to come through the electoral process, by means of voting Libertarian,(or Green), fails to account for the fact that the constituency for relegalization has had their voting rights stripped away, by means of the over hundreds of thousands of felony marijuana convictions they have acquired to date. [a fact brought to my attention by a DEA agent that was transporting me for arraignment].

I am tired of hearing organizations "apologizing" for the "re-creational" users of cannabis. IMHO that sort of behaviour only plays into the oppressors hands, because you then are de-facto supporting their arguments about the "evils" of cannabis use. That has been a problem I've had with NORML all along. Even now, as they try to seperate the "medical" use question from the one of general liberation.

This is a question of basic natural rights to a gift of the creator, however you see it. The creator made the plant, no man shall keep me from the gifts of the creator. That the Hemp "angle" to this issue is valuable and indeed ecologically and economically sound, is without question. But I know for a fact, that Jack did his work looking for ways to establish his right to use the herb in any and every way that he sees fit.

What each of us that smoke the Herb must do, indeed have a responsibility to do, is to SMOKE POT IN PUBLIC! Anywhere that tobacco smoking is allowed, smoke pot. Do it with full conscience and awareness. Spread the Smell. Be prepared to defend yourself and your right to smoke. If approached by law enforcement, eat it, or just put it out in the ash tray. Be brave and upstanding, I prefer to walk downtown during lunchtime, or club row at night, or on campus, or outside my favorite coffee house. The more of us that are willing to put away our fears of being "outed" and recognize and be willing to defend our natural rights, the sooner this War does end.

Cowardice is one of the reasons it still exists, with this sort of heart, the Brits would have won. No one wants to be a casualty- but hey, in this war, I've been wounded (arrested for Herb) now 7 times, a year and a half in- 7 on parole. It's a worthy goal I'm fighting for, and I believe in what I do. The herb has given me much in this life, I want her Free.

Put away your paranoia, in fact most Americans believe marijuana should be legalized [especially in urban areas], and if we continue our efforts with pride and rightousness, more will soon. From the radio call in show I've done, the most frequent argument made by people that feared cannabis legalization, was that pot made people unable to function in productive and socially healthy ways.

The more of us that are willing to face our anti social nature ;-) and act for our freedom, the sooner we can dispell that myth and get back to kickin and groovin'.


Also be prepared to have some one ask you for a hit. That's one of the nice things about the Herb :-)


this essay and page by piper@golden-road.com