How are YOU getting to Big Cypress?
Car Rental will set you back about $300, plus gas and tolls. Split this with 2 phriends and this is probably the cheapest way to go. You will have to drive though, with all that that entails :(
greyhound bus Travel with GreyHound will cost you $159. The trip takes 27 hours and you still have to get to Big Cypress from Fort Lauderdale..
amtrak train Travel with Amtrak will cost $162 each way. The trip takes 28 hours, leaves you in Fort Lauderdale.
Tickets are now $175.00 in advance, and include two days of concerts and three nights of camping. Tickets went on sale to the general public on Saturday, September 25, starting at 10:00am EST. southwest air Travel with SW Air will cost $344 RT. The trip is just hours long, but you have to deal with Airport security, and still get to Big Cypress.
E-mail Steve Schaller at if you are in the Chicago area

The Bus Has Been Chartered and is ALL FULL.

I'm Piper, and I offer this page as a gathering point so that we may coordinate this trip together. As I am in NYC, that's the focus. THE BUS IS SOLD OUTTHE BUS IS SOLD OUT seat on a luxury (video monitors, stereo, clean restroom , 2 professional drivers etc.) charter bus traveling from Manhattan NYC (Columbus Circle) to the venue at Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. Green seats are already reserved. Departure would be mid day (2pm) on Tuesday, December 28th, so that we can arrive shortly after the gates open , (2PM Wednesday, December 29th). We will leave the venue Saturday afternoon (2pm, January 1, 2000) to arrive back in Manhattan Sunday night, so the working stiffs (that's me!) amongst us can get to work on Monday. This trip will cost $200 per person round-trip.

This is a not for profit venture, my sole purpose is to secure a comfortable, safe and partying trip there and back for myself and my son (18). Seats will have to paid in full by November 20th, 1999.

This is a Link to an MP3 file. It is over 8 MB big. I'm putting it here to help you get in the mood. Phish (of course), 1999, opening song 12.31.98; M.S.G., N.Y.C.

*you need to "save link as" or "download link to disk" to get this!

E-mail response will include instructions.

page updated 10/26/99

Please be over 18 as I am not in any way responsible for any one on this trip, I am just facilitatig a shared experience.